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Ed Ingold


Born and raised along the shores of Lake Erie, Ed's first recognition was in high school when he won a competition sponsored by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He studied at the Cooper School of Art.

An Air Force enlistment brought Ed to the West. "I roamed mountains and streams few men had seen, where I could lose myself, and I knew I would make this my home. I was struck with awareness in this country God created abundant with wildlife, no human influence and a huge contrast to the developed areas of my youth."

Ed has been painting for Primitive Archer Magazine covers for close to 7 years.


Limited Edition Watercolor Prints

By Ed Ingold

Brook trout
Brook Trout

One of God's most beautiful creatures and a willing player for the sportsman. He brings to mind babbling brooks and clear sparkling water among the rocks and levees.

Rainbow trout Rainbow Trout

I admire the Rainbow for his strong desire to be free and his lightening runs and spectacular jumps when he feels the hook. The Rainbow's distinctive red stripe and iridescent hues make him a truly beautiful creature.
Cutthroat trout
Cutthroat Trout

The native in the abundant streams and rivers of the West. He is the mos fragile of our trout and truly the barometer with which we can measure the quality of our environment.

Brown trout Brown Trout

The Brown is a cunning and powerful fish in any stream and he is truly a survivor. His elusive behavior and selective feeding habits make him a challenging quarry for the angler. He is nobody's fool.

Image Size: 6-1/2 x 9 inches. Finished size: 12 x 14 inches
Edition of 500 sets of 4 S/N, unframed only.
Sold only as sets. Limited sets available.

$380 / set

$530 / set with remarques
A remarque is a small drawing by the artist in the margin of the print making it individual.

$20.00 shipping, handling, & insurance.


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