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(ARCHBOOKTHUMB) Kay’s Thumbring Book by Kay Koppedrayer

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Though considered an essential component of archery tackle in many parts of the world, the thumbring was until recently virtually unknown by western archers. "One of the effects of a thumbring is to help redristribute some of the pressure experienced when drawing a bow. No matter which style of releases is used - three-fingered release, thumbring, pinch draw-a heck of a lot of the pressure weight of the bow is concentrated in the small angle of the string just prior to release. At a hefty bow weight, say sixty, eighty, one-hundred pounds, you're going to want some relief. That's why most people wear finger tabs or a shooting glove. The thumbring serves the same purpose." Kay Droppedrayer

This work
• recovers some of the history of the archer’s ring
• discusses the purposes and functions of the thumbring
• describes the different types
• takes its readers on a tour to the many parts of the world where thumbrings have been used
• provides some hands-on explanations.

Kay Koppedrayer is a professor in the Department of Religion and Culture at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario. In addition to her several research areas, she writes on the history of archery and on cross-cultural archery traditions. She is a frequent contributor to archery magazines and is an Associate Editor of Primitive Archer.

$12.50, plus s & h



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