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(ARCHBOOKBIBLEALL) The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume 1 - 4

Only: $81.95


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Product Description:

Vol. 1 Content:
1. Why Traditional by Jay Massey
2. Cutting and Seasoning Wood by Ron Hardcastle
3. Bow Design and Performance by Tim Baker
4. Yew Longbow by John Strunk
5. Osage Flat Bow by Ron Hardcastle
6. Other Bow Woods by Paul Comstock
7. Western Indian Bows by Steve Allely
8. Glue by Tim Baker
9. Splices by John Strunk
10. Sinew-Backing by Jim Hamm
11. Other Backings by Paul Comstock
12. Tillering by Jim Hamm
13. Finishes and Handles by John Strunk
14. Self Arrows by Jay Massey
15. A Comedy of Arrows by Jim Hamm

Softcover, 326 pages,
profusely illustrated.

Vol. 2 Content:
1. Tradition Begins with the Past by Jay Massey
2. Bows from Boards by Tim Baker
3. Eastern Woodland Bows by Al Herrin
4. Ancient European Bows by Paul Comstock
5. Composite Bows by Dr. Bert Grayson
6. Bending Wood by Paul Comstock
7. Recurves by Jim Hamm
8. Strings by Tim Baker
9. Helpful Hints and Shortcuts by Jay Massey
10. Steel Points by Glenn Parker
11. Improving Accuracy by G. Fred Asbell
12. Quivers & Other Gear by Jay Massey
13. "Old Ugly" and the Little Buck by Jim Hamm

Softcover and Hardcover, 318 pages,
profusely illustrated.

Vol. 3 Content:
1. Traditional Roots by Jay Massey
2. Tools by Paul Comstock
3. Bows of the World by Tim Baker
4. Korean Archery by Jeff Schmidt
5. Plains Indian Bows by Jim Hamm
6. African Archery by David Tukura
7. Take-Down Bows by Jay St. Charles
8. A Stone Age Bow by Tim Baker
9. Preventing and Solving Problems by Paul Comstock
10. Wooden Arrows by Gabriela Cosgrove
11. Custom Shafts by Gene Langston
12. Stone Points by Scott Silsby
13. Passing the Torch by Jim Hamm

Softcover, 351 pages
with index for all three volumes.

Vol. 4 Content:
From the creator of the first 3 classic volumes, this is essential reading for those who make wooden bows. Tim Baker, Paul Comstock, Jim Hamm, and many of the other top bowyers today provide insights into what thousands of bows have taught them. Includes Heat-Treating Bows, The Mass Principle, Character Bows, Design and Performance Revisited, Laminated Wood Bows, and Ishi's Archery Tackle, among many other ground-breaking chapters.
Softcover profusely illustrated



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