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(GTSPAINTS) Golden Treasure Series - Paints and Glues

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PAINTS & GLUES is packed with articles on collecting and processing earth pigments, plant and berry juices, pine pitch, sinew, rawhide and other materials used in making primitive paints, dyes, stains, varnish and glue as well as the step-by-step procedures in making each of these products. This is the fourth of a series of such collections compiled toto books and volumes that comprise the "Primitive Archer Golden Treasure Series".

"Before the introduction of commercial colors, primitive cultures used natural paints and dyes that came from the earth. Those same colors are still available today and, with a little search and some work, you can find and make your own paints." Source of the quote: Author Billy Berger

"In our quest to become more self-sufficient, searching out products we can make ourselves can satisfy this need. Hide glue is one of the items that can easily be made on your own ." Source of the quote: Author Mike Yancey.



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