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Ed Ingold


Born and raised along the shores of Lake Erie, Ed's first recognition was in high school when he won a competition sponsored by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He studied at the Cooper School of Art.

An Air Force enlistment brought Ed to the West. "I roamed mountains and streams few men had seen, where I could lose myself, and I knew I would make this my home. I was struck with awareness in this country God created abundant with wildlife, no human influence and a huge contrast to the developed areas of my youth."

Ed has been painting for Primitive Archer Magazine covers for close to 7 years.


Primitive Archer® Cover Art Prints
by Ed Ingold

Primitive Archer Covers are now offered as art prints.
(Text will not show in art.)
• Magazine cover paintings by Ed Ingold
• Original acrylic painting on 18" x 24" Masonite®
• Art prints are Giclée fine art printing on watercolor paper at 16" x 20"
• On canvas $75 extra (each canvas)
• Price: $150 each, 2 prints for $200

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Volume 14 Issue 3

Volume 14 Issue 1
“Turkey in the Straw”

Volume 13 Issue 5
“The Christmas Tree”

Volume 13 Issue 1
“…And Two Shall Become One”

Volume 10 Issue 4
“Who’s Meat?”

Volume 9 Issue 4
“The Ambush”
1 print for $150
(You will select a cover and print material in the next step) 

2 prints for $200
(You will select 2 covers and print materials in the next step)

Please note that delivery will take 4 - 6 weeks.
plus shipping & handling

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